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  Domestic Freight


Oil and Gas


PT. Suryagita Nusaraya has been entering the Oil and Gas mining Logistics and Forwarding Sectors,

Gold and Coal Mining Sectors, and other service support companies since year 2000.

And many companies has been handled by PT. Suryagita Nusaraya for its Custom Clearance ,

Logistic Services, and rotated mining equipment services, such as :

- PT. Baker Hughes Indonesia

- PT. Schlumberger Geophysic Nusantara

- PT. Dowell Anadrill Schlumberger

- PT. Thiess Contractor Indonesia

- Solar Turbines Groups ( PT. Indo Turbines Indonesia ) for Turbines Freight from Singapore

to Indonesia for type Centaur Series, Saturn Gas Producers, etc )

PT. Smith Tool Indonesia 

PT. John Zinc Asia  Pasific

National OilWell Varco Singapore 

PT. Hitek Nusantara Offshore Drilling  ( Transocean Subsidary )

PT. Transocean Indonesia

PT. Total E&P Indonesie Balikpapan

PT. Liebherr Cranes

PT. Allight Indonesia

PT. Allrig Indonesia

PT. Franklin Offshore

Solar Turbines Pte.Ltd ( PT. IndoTurbine Indonesia)

MI-Sweco Indonesia

Conoco Philips Indonesia

Petrochina Indonesia

Baker Hughes Groups ( Singapore )

Kien Hann Heavy Equipment ( Singapore ) & PT. Haneagle Heavy Parts Indonesia

( Subsidary of Kien Hann Groups )

Leighton Contractors Indonesia ( Project Construction for Coal & Offshore Drilling )

Vico Indonesia

Santos Oil Indonesia

Garuda Maintanance Facilty Aero Asia ( Garuda Indonesia Groups ) Aero Engine Clearing

& Freight for Airbus A330-300, Boeing 747-400, 737-300/400/500/737-800NG




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